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Edited By Crimsonwolf

Food/Herbs for the Kitchen Witch

Here are are herbs and food properties. always handy. always.

(Information was taken from Gerina Dunwich and Scott Cunningham's

African Violet - Used as a protection amulet and to promote spirituality
in the home. It is burned as a traditional herbal incense of the Spring
Equinox Sabbat.

Allspice - Burned as an incense to attract money or luck. It is also
used to promote healing.

Aloe - A popular houseplant. Used for protection against evil influences
and prevents household accidents.

Angelica - One of the traditional ritual herbs of the Candlemas and
Beltane Sabbats. Angelica is both a culinary and medicinal herb. Sprinkle
around the house to ward off evil. Added to the bath, it removes curses or
spells that may have been cast against you.

Anise - The leaves are used for protection. The seeds are burned as a
meditation incense. Filling a small pillowcase with anise seeds and sleeping
on it will ensure that you have no nightmares.

Basil - Brings wealth to those who carry it in their pockets. Basil
given as a gift brings good luck to a new home. It is one of the
traditional ritual herbs of the Candlemas Sabbat.

Bay - Wishes are written on bay leaves which are then burned to make
them come true, and a bay leaf held in the mouth wards off bad luck. Bay is
one of the traditional ritual herbs of the Candlemas and Winter Solstice

Buckwheat - Sprinkle the flour to form magic circles on the floor around
you while performing magic.

Catnip - Grown near the home, it attracts good spirits and great luck.
Catnip is used in spells designed to enhance beauty and happiness. Large
Catnip leaves are pressed and used as bookmarks in magickal texts.

Cinnamon - Used in healing rituals and spells to attract money. It
stimulates clairvoyant abilities and raises both protective and spiritual
vibrations. The oil of the cinnamon plant is used to anoint candles for
love goddess invocations, love magick, and spells of passion. It is also
used in sachets and infusions.

Clove - Burned as an incense, cloves attract riches, drive away negative
forces, and purify the area. Burn them to stop others from gossiping about
you. Wear them or carry them to attract the opposite sex.

Corn - Place an ear of corn in a baby's crib to protect it against
negative forces. A necklace made of dried red corn kernels prevents

Cumin - Used in love spells. When carried, it gives peace of mind.

Dill - This is an herb of protection. When hung over the front door, it
will keep your home safe from enemies. Dill has a magickal ability to
attract money and good fortune.

Garlic - Extremely protective in new homes. Worn, it guards against foul

Grape - Eating grapes or raisins increases fertility, as well as strengthens
mental powers. Place grapes on the altar during money spells.

Hazel - String the nuts and hang in the house for luck. The nuts are often
eaten prior to divination and give wisdom and increase fertility. Twigs of
hazel are placed in window frames to guard the house against lightning.
Hazel wood can be used to make all-purpose magickal wands.

Lemon - Lemon juice is mixed with water and is used to wash amulets, jewelry
and other magickal objects which have been obtained second-hand. This wash
ensures that all negative vibrations are cleansed from the object. Keep one
of the seeds from a lemon that you have consumed. Plant it in early spring,
and nurture it in a warm place. When it grows, give it to a loved
one, to keep your love fresh and true. Also, Take a slice of fresh lemon and
put it under the chair of a visiting friend, to ensure your friendship will

Lettuce - Rub lettuce juice onto the forehead or eat the leaves to have no
trouble falling asleep.

Mint - The leaves of the mint plants have been used magickally for healing,
attracting money, increasing sexual desire, and protection. Mint oil is
often used for anointing candles, ritual tools, and healing poppets.

Mustard - Carry mustard seeds in a red cloth to guard against colds and to
increase mental powers. When eaten, mustard seed increases fertility in

Nuts - All nuts are potent fertility-inducers, and are carried for such
uses. Nuts are also used in many prosperity and money mixtures.

Oats - Used in prosperity and money spells.

Olive - Olive oil has long been used as an anointing oil to aid in healing.
Olive leaves, worn, bring luck.

Onion - An onion placed beneath the pillow can produce prophetic dreams.
Magickal knives and swords are purified by rubbing their blades with fresh

Orange - The dried peel and seeds are added to love sachets. The peel is
also added to prosperity powders, incenses and mixtures. Orange juice is
drunk in rituals in place of wine.

Pea - Shelling peas brings fortune and profits in business, and the dried
peas are used in monetary mixtures.

Pear - The fruit is used in love spells, and the wood makes fine magickal

Pepper - Pepper is added to amulets as a protectant against the evil eye,
and when worn, it frees the mind of envious thoughts. Mixed with salt and
scattered about the property it dispels evil.

Pineapple - Dried pineapple is placed in bags and added to baths to draw
good luck to the bather. Pineapple juice is drunk to hinder lust, and the
dried peel or flesh is added to money mixtures.

Poppy - The flowers and seeds of the poppy are highly magickal and have been
used in spells, potions, and sachets to promote female fertility, attract
money, and induce divinatory dreams. The poppy is regarded as good luck, and
it is potent in all forms of love enchantment.

Potato - A potato carried in the pocket curse toothaches and guards against
rheumatism, warts and gout. To protect against contracting a cold, a potato
should be carried in the pocket or purse all winter-the same potato.

Rice - When placed on the roof, rice guards against all misfortunes.
Throwing rice in the air can cause rain. Rice is also added in money spells.

Rosemary - Is burned as an incense to purify, heal, prevent nightmares,
dispel depression, attract fairy-folk, and induce sleep. Healing poppets are
often stuffed with rosemary for its powerful curative vibrations.

Saffron - Has many magickal powers. It is an herb of love enchantment,
healing, weather working, and spells and rituals to strengthen the psychic
abilities. Drinking a potion made from saffron is said to give a woman or
man the gift of second sight.

Sage - An herb of immortality, protection, and wish magick. When eaten,
worn in a horn amulet, or carried in a mojo bag, sage leaves guard against
the evil eye. This herb of magick is also reputed to promote wisdom, heal
the body, mind, and soul, and attract money. The sage is one of the
traditional ritual herbs of the Samhain Sabbat.

Spearmint - Is used in all healing applications, especially in aiding
lung diseases. Smelled, spearmint increases and sharpens mental powers.

Tea - Burn the leaves of the tea plant to ensure future riches, and add
to all money mixtures and sachets. Tea is also included in talismans
designed to give their bearer courage and strength.

Thyme - This magickal herb is used in love spells and divinations, dream
magick, spells to increase strength and courage and charms against
nightmares. Thyme is also used in healing spells, purifications, and rituals
to develop extra-sensory perception.

Tomato - Placed on the windowsill or any other household entrance it
repels evil from entering. The plants in the garden are protective, and the
tomato when eaten, has the power of inspiring love.

Vanilla - The vanilla plant is used in love magick. Its beans are used
as amulets to improve mental powers, and its purple flowers are used in
aphrodisiacs and passion sachets.

Wintergreen - Is utilized in healing spells, and when fresh sprigs are
placed on the altar they call good spirits to witness and aid you magic.

For: male sex magick, celebrating the Mysteries of Demeter/Ceres

For: warding off Lilith (preventing wet dreams)
Planet: Venus

Avocado (technically a fruit)
For: beauty spells, love spells, sex magick

For: reconciliation, protection, exorcism, resurrection,
Female Mysteries
Symbolize: the spiral dance of immortality

Red beans for good luck; throw black beans at ghosts to drive them
Beans that bloom with white flowers are sacred to the White

For: love spells
Planet: red beet = Saturn, white beet = Jupiter

For: fertility, profit, good luck, money spells, lunar magick
Planet: Moon

For: good luck, male sex magick
Planet: Mars

For: lust, fertility
Planet: Mercury

For: psychic power, male potency and fertility; with chamomile and
rosemary for mental steadiness in psychic work
Planet: Mercury

Quality: hot and dry
Corn: (technically a grain)
For: protection, divination, good luck
For: fertility, healing, lunar magick
Planet: Moon

Quality: cold and moist in the 2nd degree
For: love spells, sex magick

For: victory, eloquence, clear vision, healing, purification,
Language of Flowers:
Worthy of all praise. - I do not believe your promises.
Symbolizes: victory, heroism, flattery, strength, praiseworthiness
Planet: Mercury
Zodiac: Virgo; has antipathy to Pisces

Garden Cress
For: sex magick, to encourage desire
Language of Flowers: Stability - Power

For: protection, love spells (strengthen love)

For: divination, fertility, sleep, protection, lunar magick, love
spells, male sex magick
Language of Flowers: Coldheartedness
Planet: Moon
Zodiac: Cancer

For: peace, fertility, healing, protection, sex magick
To invoke or worship: Athene, Minerva

For: protection, exorcism, healing, prophetic dreams
Attracts and absorbs negativity
Counter-charm to the lunar magic of Hecate
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

For: male sex magic
Planet: Venus

For: money spells, love spells
Hot Peppers
For: fidelity, breaking hexes, heating up love or attraction that
has gone cold, charms against spells
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

For: healing, image magick, making poppets
Language of Flowers: Benevolence
For lunar magick
Planet: Moon

For: protection, sex magick (lust)
Planet: Mars

Sweet Potato
For: image magick, making poppets

Tomato (technically a fruit)
For: love spells

For: protection, to end a relationship

For: lunar magick, sex magick
Planet: Moon
Element: Water

Zodiac: Gemini

For: fertility
To invoke or worship:
, the White Goddess, Ceres, Demeter,
Kore/Persephone/Prosperine; Adonis, Min, Osiris

For: attraction, solar magick
Planet: Sun
Sacred to Cybele as Queen Bee

For: exorcism, purification
Planet: Mars
Maple Syrup (must be 100% real maple syrup)
For: long life, love spells, money spells

For: protection, mental powers, accepting something that is hard
to take

For: wisdom, breaking love spells

To invoke or worship Brighid

For: exorcism, protection, adding spice to a relationship that has
grown stale
Planet: Mars

Quality: hot and dry
For: blessings, rain, security, money spells, fertility charms
Element: Earth

For: purification, neutralizing empower objects such as amulets;
with water for: asperging, sea spells, consecration, casting circles
Element: Earth
Sacred to: Aphrodite, the Goddess, sea god/desses, Sulis

sea salt:
For: purification rituals; with garlic and rosemary to banish
Element: Water
Sacred to: ocean deities

For: love spells, sex magick

For: strength, courage, money spells

For: love spells

For: banishing, binding, averting

*tips borrowed from an AWESOME site*



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