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by M. A. Robotham


Why would anyone need to use a pendulum? Well if you are serious about psychic or spiritual development this is just one of many great ways to open your psyche and its easy to use. The main reason I use the pendulum now is purely to aid and further develop my clairvoyance, although occasionally I have used pendulums to aid me when I give psychic/spiritual/tarot readings over the Internet, just purely to confirm what I have already been given from spirit or intuition. It can take between a few weeks to a few months for the accuracy of the pendulum to become consistent and when it does there are many great uses for it, here are just a few...

  • Finding lost jewelry, keys, photos etc
  • Finding out the sex of a baby before it is born
  • Navigating maps
  • To help with Feng Shui in finding energy spots in a house/room
  • To help find ghosts/spirits
  • To help in diagnosing health problems...

The list is endless, maybe you can find your own uses.

The reason I mentioned diagnosing health problems is, there are specialists out there who use pendulums specifically for this reason, but they have been using them for many years and they do have a medical background, one in particular used to have regular visits from Lady Diana. Although healing in any form can be a great benefit, but should be used as complementary only, you should never attempt to diagnose health problems, always consult a medical professional for this.


First you will need to make a pendulum if you don't already have one, when I first started to use one, all I used was a plumb line, which is what builders use to find level edges. Basically all it is, is a piece of string with a weight on the end. You can use anything you wish, string, cotton, nylon etc and the same goes for the weight at the end, you can use stones, crystals, keys, nuts and bolts as long as its heavy enough to act as a pendulum. In its simplest form all you need to do is tie a weight to one end of a piece of string. Suggested string length should be around 20 to 30 cm.

There are so many suggested ways of holding a pendulum, to be honest I don't think it matters that much, at the end of the day its what you feel is right for you, that's the best way in any psychic or spiritual development. All I do is hold the string between my finger and thumb, and at arms height and at about half arms length.

Now about which hand to use, well I have two theories on this. You can either use the hand that you don't write with, the reason for this is, lets say your like me, your left handed, so my left hand would be stronger than my right hand, so if I used my right hand I would have less conscious control over the pendulum, which is what you want.

The other theory is to do with subconscious and the right side of the brain. The subconscious is the part of the brain/mind, which deals with all the psychic phenomena and spiritual contact, and also the right side of the brain is connected to the left hand side of our body, so in this theory we use the left hand to hold the pendulum. I've experiment with both and I find this theory is the more accurate for use with a pendulum. I've done a lot of experiments in this area with hypnosis and found it to be a fact. Try both to see which is best for you. You will have and advantage if you are initially right handed because you will be using your left hand, the weaker one, plus the subconscious. You can also apply this theory to anything, whether it be choosing tarot cards, runes, automatic writing etc. Another important thing to mention is the skeptics, they will often say "Well Its the Subconscious which is moving the Pendulum" and that's correct it is the subconscious, but that's exactly what you want to happen, like I said earlier its the subconscious part of the brain/mind that deals with the psychic and spiritual communication.

Ok, now we need to establish some sort of YES and NO method to use with the pendulum. We need to program the subconscious to recognize a YES and NO response. The best way I found in doing this was to consciously start the pendulum moving (make it swing) in a clockwise motion and while you are doing this you can mentally or out loud keep repeating the word "YES" over and over. Then do the same for the NO response, but this time consciously swing the pendulum anticlockwise. You may need to do each one for about 5 minutes and leave a few minutes between each response. You can also try it the other way round too, anticlockwise for YES and clockwise for NO, again whatever works best for you.

Another method is to ask a Question that you know the answer to, like "Is my name sue" or whatever your name may be, take notice of which way pendulum is swinging and this will be your YES, then ask another Question that you know the answer to but this time make it give a NO answer, if your real name is sue, and you say "Is my name Leanne" then notice which way the pendulum is swinging, this will be you NO answer.

You may find that your YES or NO answer may swing just backward and forward and not clockwise/anticlockwise that's fine as long as you can establish a YES and NO response.

Now we'll look at learning to use the pendulum. You will need some playing cards for this, a selection of about 10 will do, as long as they're equally mixed with red and black. Next mix them up so you don't know the order and lay them out face down on a table. Take your pendulum and hold over each one in turn and ask "Is this card red" or "Is this card black" and note your answers you may not get them all correct first time, but after a few weeks you will start to see an improvement. When you get a bit more experienced you can start by asking for the colour of the card, the suit of the card and even the card it self. This is actually a very good method for developing clairvoyance, you may find after a 4 or 5 months you won't need the pendulum, you will hear or see the answer in your mind.

After a few months of using the pendulum, start by using your hand as the pendulum, hold a card face down in your right palm and hold your left hand over the card and ask, "Is this card" etc. Your hand will become the pendulum and move in either clockwise or anti-clockwise motion depending on which way you have set for the YES and NO response, this can take a little longer to get used to but it does work.

Try to use the methods above continually, everyday, for about 4 weeks. You can use the pendulum for allsorts of things from finding lost jewelry to finding out your spirit guides name. As with all psychic and spiritual things don't expect instant results over night, they can take time, but you should see some big improvements in a matter of weeks, and most of all have fun.

The Last Warrier
By W. J. Bruce

High on bleak, stony rag,
Unmoving, he sits astride
His ragged coated pony.
Only telltale frozen breaths,
Separate them from
The still, winter black boles
Of ancient leafless trees.
The pony, blown and lame,
Stands with lowered head,
Ears flattened to the sound
Of a distant wolf pack.
The man on his back,
All weapons lost,
Ignores the trickling blood
From savage wounds,
Mingling his war paint.
Eyes burning fiercely
He strains to find
The sign he seeks:
Behind, the sound of enemy
Draws ever closer.
At last, faith rewarded,
He sees far below
In the deep valley,
Arriving at the edge
Of the fast flowing river,
The great she bear
With two gamboling cubs:
To fish the racing salmon,
Drawn relentlessly toward
Their age-old spawning ground.
Silently, the wounded brave
Offers his final prayer
To the eternal clan bear;
Totem and guardian
Of his battle slain tribe.
The enemy, exultant,
Are almost upon him,
Yet he looks not behind:
He sees only the Great Spirit,
Surrounding him kindly
In loving, firm embrace.
While the enemy closes in,
He straightens himself;
His voice rings loud and clear,
Echoing across the land
To the distant cloudless sky.
One last defiant war cry
As he spurs on his pony,
And leaps...
Into the world of his ancestors.