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The God of the Witches, submitted by LadyTrevia


Found the write-up on this in "Miss Carol (Occult catalog) 1972 "- that's as close to being able to give a credit that I can get.

"God of the Witches"

Witches do not worship the image known as "God of the Witches". They worship that for which it stands or symbolizes.

To the Witch, it is a most sacred symbol. It is also called the Goat of Mendes. His horns represent the waxing & waning Moon. The center horn symbolizes the Magical Light of Universal Intelligence, the God-power always available to man when man learns how to use it. The head is that of a goat,symbolizing much the same thing as the sacrificial goat in the Bible. Here, however, it also acts as a reminder that man must make certain sacraifices before he can achieve complete Illumination or "At-Onement". The goat is bearded, symbolic of the "Grand-Old-Man" of the Quabalists, It also represents agelessness & timelessness.

The Pentagram on the forehead is a symbol of light & also represents the QabalisticTree of Life. It is a sacred symbol & a most powerful talisman. When the Pentagram symbol is reversed so that the two points are up, it becomes a symbol of infernal evocations, it is evil incarnate, but the true Witch would turn away from a sacred Pentagram so profaned.

The right hand of the Goat points upward indicating the power being used for good, the left hand points down, denoting that man has a free will & the power can be misused. It also signifies the perfect balance between Mercy & Justice. One arm is feminine & one masculine, the body too, has a feminine & masculine aspect, symbolizing both attributes found in man, thur this androgynous figure represent humanity.

The Caduceus represents eternal life, the scales onthe body symbolize water, the circle surrounding the belly, half of which is visible, symbolizes the atmosphere, the wings represent air & man's struggle to raise above his environment. The feathers symbolize that which is volatile. The cloven hooves symbolize that man has not yet completely evolved out of the beast kingdom.

The Goat sits on a half-sphere which represents his universe. Only half is shown because man has not yet learned how to rule his universe.


The Moccasins of an Old Man


I hung you there, moccasins of worn buckskin.

I hung you there and there you are still.

I took you from the hot flesh of a swift buck.

I took you to my woman.


She tanned you with buck brains.

She cut and sewed and beaded.

I wore you with pride.

I wore you with leaping steps over many grounds.


Now, I sit here and my bones

are stiff with many winters.

You hang there and I shall sit.

We shall watch the night approach.


-Romona Carden (Colville)